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The work required:

I am proposing to self publish my novel using Amazon; the word count is just over 95,000. I am intending to engage a copy editor and am looking for a book designer for the cover and the layout of the book. From your skills description on Upwork it seems possible that there could be some overlap with the copy editor so it is important that the division of responsibilities is clear to you both.

For the purposes of this enquiry the work will consist primarily of the design of the front and back covers of book.  I will supply the copy for the text to go on the back cover.  

I already have some ideas about the front cover and possible illustrations, dominant colours and typography.  These ideas will need a lot of development.  

My formatting skills are reasonably good but some additional refinement would probably be beneficial.  This is where there may be some overlap with the copy editor and some discussion will be required to define your respective areas of responsibility.

When you reply please give me an indication of the fee you would charge and the time you would anticipate requiring to complete each of the two parts of the job.  Please split the estimated fee between the cover design,  which is fairly straightforward, and the book design which will need further discussion.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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