How to Craft a Great Website Design Proposal Template

Web design proposal template
How can I Write a Great Website Design Proposal Template
As a website designer myself I realize how difficult it is to capture a customers attention or to maintain enough interest for a customer to follow through and go ahead with a project. Here are some tips and a template of how to craft that website design proposal

Your website design proposal will depend on the exact details of the project and whether you’re using a freelance website to find work or your own website.

If you’re using a freelance website to find work you’ll have a difficult time capturing their attention among all the competition. You should personalise the proposal as much as possible and convey that you’ve read the job requirements and understand their problem.

Factors that could come into play are your rank, rating, customer reviews and portfolio. You’ll need your profile to stand out above your competition.

However, for both these scenarios there’s a blueprint that’s shown time and time again to work best.

Website Design Proposal Template

1. State the problem

Most sales, both online and offline, are based primarily on solving a problem. After identifying your target audience you should identify the problem that your targeted audience has that can be solved by your service.

In copy-writing terms these are known as the three Ps— pain, problem, or predicament.

Every customer will differ in terms of the problem they need solved.

If you’re writing a more broad proposal you could find out the general problems a customer has when looking for a web design service. This could be affordability, poor customer service, a lack of customisation, low conversions, or a lack of certain functionality.

2. Explain why the competition won’t solve the problem

You could explain why you’re competition aren’t worth your time and effort. You should find out the mistakes that many web designers make and offer something better. You could explain why free design web services like WIX aren’t suitable for a serious business.

3. Explain what’s possible

In coaching, this is called possibility thinking. This is where you set the stage for what life could be like and what could happen when your audience’s problem, pain, or predicament is eliminated.

You should try and get the customer to imagine what’s possible should they choose your proposal. Explain the services you provide and the benefits of those services and how ultimately it will lead to them having more time and money on their hands and how that will benefit them.

4. Explain what’s different now and your unique selling points

How will things change for your prospects? This is where you explain who you are and how your product or service can help them, as well as what’s different about your product or service that will eliminate their problem.

You explain why you’re different and provide the unique selling points that set you apart from the competition.

Write a few sentences about what differentiates your product/ service. Present just the substance— not the details.

5. Add a call to action

Studies show that when you provide a call to action, you increase conversion rates. Be sure to tell the customer exactly what they must do – such as signing up for a newsletter, registering or filling out a contact form. You could provide a discount or time limited offer to increase their motivation.

Website Design Proposal Example

1. Your problem is not that you don’t have a website. It’s that you don’t have a customized website that will capture a visitors attention and convert those visitors to sales and ultimately make you money. 2. A free and even expensive website design services may provide an attractive website. However what they rarely provide is a customized website targeted to the right audience that will convert visitors into sales. A website on it’s own won’t make you money. What you need is more than just a website but a web package. 3. Imagine a website that looks great on any mobile device and is optimized for the search engines, enables your customers to easily contact you and converts well leading to more sales and more time to do what you want. 4. I provide more than just a website, but a whole web package. A search engine optimized and mobile friendly website with an email marketing campaign designed to maintain customers who would otherwise never revisit your site. A unique approach I take is to customize the website to your needs, looking at sites that convert well in your niche and replicating what works so you spend less time trying to find clients and more time doing the things you enjoy. 5. Add your name and email today and I’ll give you 30% off. This is a special offer to my new customers. The above fulfils all the five points above while doing so in a way that’s not to wordy and maintains the clients interest.

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