Logo Redraw Service
I provide a high quality Logo Redraw Service and Logo Design Service at an affordable price with quick turnaround. You get to work one-on-one and collaboratively with the actual person who’s designing or re-drawing your logo. Working with a freelance logo designer ensures your logo is right on the money from the start, with the total flexibility to make any changes you need any time you like.

Contact me directly and avoid working with an agency where communication and consistency are lacking. You can chat to me right now by entering a message in the chat window. Check out some of my work below by clicking here and selecting the plus symbol to see some vectorized logo’s created from jpegs, scanned images, business cards, screenshots and even pencil drawings.

Normal Logo vs Scalable Vector Logo

As you can see the first logo when enlarged becomes blurry and distorted. It cannot be placed on a different background as it lacks transparency and cannot be edited easily as it is not in vector format. 
Logo Redraw Service RasterizedLogo Redraw Service Vectorized

Why Use a Logo Redraw Service?

Logo Resized ExampleA logo is much more than just an image; it’s a point of recognition for clients and an important foundation for the branding of your company. It conveys to a potential customer that you’re trustworthy and professional thereby increasing the chance of a customer doing business with you. Having a poorly designed logo can make you appear un-trustworthy and un-professional and lose you business.

A logo redraw service will ensure your logo is redrawn in vector format so that it looks professional, clean, crisp and razor sharp when re-sized or used on different surfaces whether it’s a small version of your logo for a business card or a logo displayed on the side of a truck your logo will always remain razer sharp with no blurry or jagged edges and have a transparent background so it can be placed on different coloured surfaces. It will also make it easier to edit the logo or make alterations in future for every purpose you can think of.

Having your logo redrawn is essential if you want to use your logo on different media. Logos for Digital media such as a website may require different sizes depending on the resolution of the device used to view it. Physical media can include signage, engraving, etching, large banners, vehicle graphics, Mugs, T-shirts or other embroidery. 

This will mean the logo needs to be redrawn to suite the purpose. For example line drawings are often uses for engravings; black and white logos for when you want a logo to stand out; a single colour vector logo for metal work or vehicle engraving and a logo with a gradient for a website. You may also require your logo in different colours so they stand out on different coloured surfaces.such as a website may require different sizes depending on the resolution of the device used to view it. Physical media can include signage, engraving, etching, large banners, vehicle graphics, Mugs, T-shirts or other embroidery.

If you take your business seriously then you should have a version of your logo in vector format so that it remains professional in all your marketing media. Even if having a professional looking logo only increases your conversion rate by a minor amount, the cost of using a logo redesign service will eventually pay for itself.

What’s the Difference Between Using a Logo Redraw Service and Automatic Tracing Software?

With the exception of simple, high contrast logos that are already sharp and well defined, manually drawn logos produce superior results than an automated tool.

Also a logo redraw service can make additional changes such as changing the colours for different backgrounds, turn the logo into a line drawing or add a gradient or a border to your logo so it stands out.

With auto-tracing software any small irregularities are magnified at a large size and can look unprofessional. Also gradient effects cannot be replicated using auto-trace software as they only produce solid flat colours.

What’s the Difference Between a Raster Logo and a Vector Logo?

A Raster logo uses bit maps to store information and is made up of a grid of tiny pixels. Enlarging a raster image or zooming in makes it pixelated or blurred so for images which need to be scaled to different sizes you should use a vector image. Common file extensions for raster graphics include .BMP, .TIF, .GIF, .JPG.

Vector Logos make use of a series of lines, curves and points based on mathematical statements or sequential commands that produce paths. Vector graphics are great for printing since they’re composed of a series of mathematical curves and can print in high detail even when enlarged. If you zoom into a vector image, it will remain sharp at any size and without any pixelation. Common File extensions for vector graphics include .SVG, .EPS, .PDF, .AI, .DXF

What Vector File Formats and Styles will I Receive?

I can provide you with an AI file which is the Native Adobe Illustrator format. This will be useful if you ever want edits or alterations made in the future. I also provide PNG-24, PDF and EPS files as standard. Other formats such as SVG can be supplied upon request.I can provide the logo in it’s original colours or adjust them depending on your preferences.

How much does your Logo Redraw Service Cost and when will it be Completed?

This depends on the complexity of the image and it’s condition. For simple images this will only cost £9.00 or $12.00 and delivered within 24 hours. For medium complexity logos this will cost around £15 or $19.00 and usually delivered within 24 hours. For complex logos, particularly if the original image is of low quality and therefore requires filling in missing details this will cost over $19.00 and may take longer than 24 hours to complete.

To get a precise quote please contact me by clicking here and if you wish upload your image(s).

Can you Redraw my Sketched Logo into a High Quality Vector Logo?

Yes, but the cost will depend on the complexity and detail you provide. For logos that are complex or poorly sketched it will cost more. Your sketch does not have to be perfect, but the more accurate you draw it, the easier it will be to turn your logo into a scalable vector image.

I will use Adobe Illustrator to trace out your logo and make improvements where-ever required. Using professional vector graphic software such as illustrator I can improve upon your sketch. For example if it’s difficult for you to draw a perfect circle, I can create a perfect circle in the redrawn version. The same applies to any wavy lines that are meant to be straight. I will use my common sense judgement and correct or improve any hand drawn irregularities.

If you would like your sketch redrawn in vector format send me your logo sketch with any preferred typefaces, colours to be used and any comments regarding how you would like the logo altered when converted to vector format. You can provide the name of a typeface you like or if you prefer any text can be redrawn exactly as sketched, if you want it to look hand drawn.

Once your logo has been redrawn it will be suitable for just about every usage you can think of and will be scalable to any size and still remain sharp.

Do you have any examples of Logo's redrawn and turned into Vector Format?

Yes, here are some examples of logos I’ve turned into vector format.

Logo Redraw Service

This was a sketch for a logo provided by a client. They wanted it turned into a coloured scalable vector logo. They wanted the logo to signify speed and have it ‘pop’ so it stood out. However they weren’t sure how this could be done. I turned the sketch into a vector logo, added colour with a speed effect and a light shadow and gradient to make it pop. I also ensured that the logo was transparent so it could be placed on any coloured background.

Logo Redraw Service
The client no longer had access to the original logo so they provided a scanned version which appeared to have faded from the original. They wanted to use the original colours and font so I reproduced the colours and did a search for the typeface used. The original typeface was Brush Script Std Regular and so I didn’t need to manually redesign the font. The completed logo was a scalable vector and could be used on any media.
Logo Redraw Service
The client provided this logo copied from their website. The logo was very low resolution and pixelated particularly when made larger. They wanted the logo drawn in scalable vector format with sharp clear text and images. I also added a gradient within the logo to make it stand out.
Logo Redraw Service
The client had a business card with his logo on it but needed a professionally designed vector logo that could be used on other media. I managed to locate the typeface and added a border around the logo so that it would stand out against a darker background. I also provided the logo in a number of different colours for different purposes.
Logo Redraw Service
The client had a logo that appeared blurry at a larger size. The client wanted it reproduced exactly like the original including the font. I traced out the font manually as no matching typeface was available. I also added a subtle gradient to the letters to make them stand out.
Logo Redraw Service

The clients logo was of low quality due to copying and re-sizing. The client wanted the logo reproduced exactly like the original but with a blue background instead of a red one. A scalable vector logo was provided which could be used on different media.

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